Leora Eisenberg

Leora Eisenberg is originally from Nauru, but even she didn’t know it was a country without a capital until she learned this at Princeton. Looking for a club to join on campus that would bring her closer to her Nauruan roots, she came across a Koleinu poster and thought to herself, “ends with a ‘u’, has an ‘n’, close enough.” Since then, she’s been publicizing Koleinu with her own posters and belting out high soprano notes at Koleinu archsings—but if you look and listen close enough, you’ll see and hear her covertly advocating for Nauruan rights. In her free time and because her country is shaped like one, she curls herself into a potato “like any Nauruan would.” Well, she’s the only one we know of, but we’re happy that she joined Koleinu!