Leora “Samantha” Huebner

Leora Bio

Leora Huebner hails from a foreign country so vast and disgusting that many dare not visit its shores. THAT’S CORRECT! The land…of New York City. In an attempt to rid the city of all its disgust, Leora assumed a secret identity that would become the Batman-style namesake that would forever be known to New Yorkers as…WONDERGAL! With her incredible ability to freeze enemies (and any domesticated sized rodents scavenging the streets) in their tracks with her siren-like singing, Leora has found that the streets of the Big Apple can never quench her thirst to defeat the one true evil…Princeton Academics. So she has found comfort with her new band of heroes in Koleinu and is wiping the painful memories of physics and calculus quizzes from the souls and minds of tortured students…one arch sing at a time.