Will “Troy” Alvarado

Will Bio

Dr. William Alvarado (Willvarado for short) is a lumberjack (and he’s OK) who hails from North (not to be confused with South) Tonawanda, New York. At the age of six and a half he took on six and a half buffalo in a fight and won, starting a tradition he continued every year on his half-birthday, until the age of fourteen and a half when he decided to invent the carousel instead. According to Wikipedia, Will has a geographic size of 840 square kilometers and a population of 22,608 people, which is approximately 1879 Koleinus. In his spare time, Will used to hang out with his best friend, King Henry IV of Castille, but then Henry sent him on a treacherous transatlantic voyage to New Jersey where he and his glorious tenor voice joined Koleinu.